Women’s Issues

stressed woman

Women more often face a particular set of difficulties in society. While no one gender experiences troubles exclusively, women are more often vulnerable to certain challenges. Disempowerment within political and professional spheres, a multitude of unrealistic expectations placed on them, and many other common obstacles can take a toll on mental health. For women experiencing distress related to their larger experience as women in society, therapy can be tailored to address those specific concerns. Therapy can be designed to be an opportunity to speak about how one’s experience as a woman contributed to their current state of being. Importantly, the therapist can be attuned to making the therapy space a place where a patient can step out of the confines of societal norms, expectations, and boundaries and explore ways to cope with and make changes to problems. It can be a place where one can look at, for example, how they have internalized the standards of the larger society and internalized the shame that comes along with not reaching these standards. Speaking with a therapist who is aware and educated about the specific challenges that women face can be a very powerful experience.

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