Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is treatable.  Depending on the severity of the abuse and the substance(s) used, different levels of care may be necessary. Individual therapy is a vital treatment option amongst a constellation of treatment modalities including support and recovery groups, detox facilities, and other intensive programs.  Because of the medical implications of substance use, it is always advisable to maintain an ongoing relationship with a physician who is overseeing one’s reduced intake of a substance.  Even withdrawing from alcohol after heavy and prolonged use can have serious risks, including increased risk of seizure.  A discussion with a mental health professional can help determine an appropriate level of care and an effective treatment plan.  

Substance abuse most often occurs alongside another mental health concern.  Oftentimes, people drink or take drugs to cope with depression, anxiety, and other stressors.  Thus, it is crucial in the treatment of substance abuse to address the underlying concern that is leading someone to abuse a substance.  Other areas of focus in treatment may include building new lifestyles, relationships, and behavioral patterns to help avoid previous triggers and opportunities that led someone to use a substance.

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