Social Phobia

Social Phobia, also known as Social Anxiety, is a specific type of anxiety that pertains to social situations.  People with Social Phobia may find themselves feeling extra nervous when meeting unfamiliar people, having conversations with others, giving presentations to coworkers or classmates, or they may even feel afraid when having to go to crowded public places like malls or supermarkets. Social Phobia typically has negative consequences, such as leading people to avoid certain places or social situations.  

Social Phobia ordinarily responds well to therapy.  Similar to other types of Phobias, Social Phobia is frequently treated with Exposure Therapy and/or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  Some people may experience Social Phobia alongside depression or other types of anxiety.  A clinician can help determine if you have Social Phobia and work with you to develop a personalized, comfortable plan for treatment.  

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