Skills Training

Not everyone who enters therapy is seeking a deep emotional journey.  Sometimes, people are best served simply by expanding their skillsets, and most therapists have extended training in multiple skills that they can teach to patients.  Clinicians are experienced in teaching a wide variety of social skills, self-regulation, coping skills, and others.  These can include the following:

  • Learning how to be more assertive
  • Learning how to be more persuasive
  • Learning how to express one’s needs and desires to others
  • Learning how to navigate common social situations
  • Learning how to cope with life events
  • Learning how to regulate/manage emotions (such as anger)

These and other skills can be applied across a wide range of life experiences.  And someone does not have to have a deficit in one of these skills to seek out skills training.  Employers, lecturers, teachers, event organizers, executives, and many others may experience benefits of elevating their skillsets beyond their status quo.


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