Parenting Issues

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your children? Do you and your partner frequently disagree on how to effectively administer discipline?  Do you feel unprepared for how to cope with your children aging and asserting their independence?  If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you may want to consider how counseling can be a resource for you as a parent.  

Counseling for parenting concerns can serve many purposes.  Some find it helpful simply to have an outlet to which they can discuss and relieve their stress.  Sessions are supportive, affirming, and renewing.   Other parents find they appreciate the guidance and expertise provided by a clinician with background and experience with family systems.  A clinician in this role can provide you with new, more effective parenting strategies and goals.  While a child’s problem or difficulty may not necessarily be the result of the action of a parent, parents can still take an active role in creating the best environment and give their family the best opportunities for success.  Counselors can use their objective viewpoints to help parents see new possibilities for their family.  

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