Obesity is a condition that is typically created by a multitude of factors.  Personal and family eating and exercise habits, culture, availability of nutritious food, nutritional education, coping skills, self-esteem, time and energy constraints, and many other factors are contributors to a problem that is too often incorrectly attributed as a simple lack of discipline or motivation.  Because the contributing factors to obesity can be so complex, therapy can serve as a means to address multiple concerns that are hindering someone from attaining their weight loss goals.  Our therapist can help in a variety of ways.  Therapy may include addressing belief systems that have been hindering progress, including unrealistic expectations.  It may be important to discuss what drives overeating, especially if eating is utilized as a routine coping strategy.  Given the high failure rates of diets, it is essential to decide upon a path that includes realistic lifestyle changes rather than intense, time-limited strategies.  These topics and more are usually worth enlisting the assistance of a therapist to work through.  

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