Marital/Couples/Relationship Conflict & Dysfunction

Relationships are the most rewarding and most difficult part of life. You and your partner come from different backgrounds and possess different relationship skills; you possess different relationship needs. Some of your needs are conscious; most are unconscious. You both bring childhood wounds into this new relationship. Sometimes you are aware of those wounds; most often, you are not.

Two people with differing needs are now attempting to live together, share finances, raise children, share their lives and most intimate and painful moments of those lives. You are attempting to share your fears and trust the other to respect those fears. You are trying to be vulnerable and trusting the other to be careful with that vulnerability; or you are just afraid of vulnerability and your partner is complaining about the lack of intimacy. So many things can go wrong. No wonder we struggle. And yet, this is the most rewarding and satisfying part of life!

This is hard! Don’t give up.

Relationships deserve help and they deserve help from well-trained professionals

It is regretful that there is no CPT code for couple’s therapy but there is not. This is not an insurance covered expense because it is not a mental health diagnosis. The Center for Medicare Services has designed CPT codes to cover individual mental health diagnoses only. However, it is an important service that will provide a better life for you and for your children and will prevent mental health issues later. Please don’t hesitate to seek help if your relationship is in trouble.


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