Life Transitions

Many times during our lives, we find that change occurs gradually and comfortably in such a way that we can easily adjust to our new circumstances. However, we sometimes experience major changes or transitions that leave us feeling lost without a compass.  At Corner Canyon Counseling, our therapist are equipped to help ease the discomfort that can come with such a life event.

Life transitions can come in all shapes and sizes.  The following are some bridges frequently crossed by people as they journey through their lives:

  • Spiritual or religious transition
  • Moving out of a parent’s home
  • Divorce/breakup
  • Having a first (or another) baby
  • Retirement
  • Recognizing one’s sexuality or gender identity
  • Coming out to others about one’s sexuality or gender identity
  • Career transition
  • Marriage/remarriage
  • Going away to college
  • Returning from military duty
  • Relocating to a new town/state/country

When struggling with a life transition, a therapist can be a great resource.  Therapists can provide guidance and help someone decide how they want to approach their life transition, helping them consider various viewpoints and directions.  A relationship with a therapist can also be incredibly valuable at this time because it will be a stable, predictable relationship during a time of change and uncertainty.  Having the unwavering support of a caring clinician helps one feel more confident in their decisions and confident in their ability to cope with the changes in their lives.


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