Dealing with infertility is a challenging process.  From having to decide amongst slow and costly treatment options, to managing a relationship with your partner, infertility can be one of the most difficult hurdles that someone might face in their lives.  Having a counselor on your side can help you alleviate pain and manage what you’re going through.

What do I do if my partner wants to stop trying before I’m ready? How much should I share with my family and support network? How do I deal with seeing other parents look so happy with their children? These and many others are the questions that couples often face when battling infertility.  A counselor can be there for you to help you come to useful answers by helping you wade through the different options.  A counselor can also provide guidance by assisting in thinking through all possible outcomes.  They can provide information on how, for example, men and women typically handle infertility differently.  Women tend to hold onto the pain for longer, which can cause a rift in a relationship if they see their partners moving on before they are ready.  A therapist can also help you anticipate changes that can may occur in your romantic relationship, as infertility can often affect the sexual relationship between partners.  And throughout, counseling offers an opportunity to recognize that you do not have to go through this alone.

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