Grief/Bereavement and Loss

Do people tell you, “It’s been over a year, why aren’t you over it yet?”  Does it feel like everyone else has moved on and don’t seem interested in listening to your pain any longer.  Are you frustrated that old feelings that you thought you got over have come back?  These are words and scenarios that so many bereaved individuals face on a regular basis.  In our society where we don’t often allow ourselves to speak honestly and openly about death or about our internal struggles, it can be difficult to carve out space and time where it is okay not to be okay.  Connecting with a therapist can be a way to process unresolved grief, learn how to reintegrate yourself or build a new life, and simply have a person you can trust to always be willing and open to listen to how difficult things are.  Speak with one of our clinicians to find out and discuss how therapy could be helpful with you in your grieving process.  

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