Family Conflict & Dysfunction

When a family cannot find a solution to a problem that is disrupting all or most of the family members, it may be time to consider Family Therapy.  Conflict and dysfunction can look vastly different across families.  It can show up as loud shouting matches between multiple family members.  Other times it gets expressed as distance, silence, and coldness between siblings and parents.  However it may be expressed, when there is a problem that affects the mood and behavior of multiple family members, it may be time to consider Family Therapy.  

Families can enter treatment as a whole group, even if some individuals are also in their own therapy.  Sometimes families enter family therapy initially to address the concerns of one family member.  In these instances, families usually will have a view that one member, often a child, is causing disruption to the family as a whole.  Maybe that child acts out, torments others, or is generally disruptive.  Why is it helpful to meet as a family if only one person is viewed as causing the disruption?  Because often that child’s behavior is related to a much larger web of family patterns that are not as visible or disruptive.  Working with a family and bringing to light how one person’s behavior fits into a bigger picture is often more effective than trying to change just one child’s or parent’s actions.  

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