People may seek out therapy at different stages of divorce.  Sometimes, people enter treatment months or years later when they find that they are not rebounding back to their old selves as quickly as they thought they would.  Other people come to therapy before they have made a final decision to exit a marriage so that they can discuss their decision with a trained professional.  Some people find that a therapist can be a useful companion throughout the entire divorce process because therapists have training in coping with stress, dealing with life changes and transitions, and can be a supportive, reliable voice when one’s world is turned upside down.  

Every person’s experience of divorce is unique.  For many, it involves a wide array of seemingly inconsistent responses, ranging from grief, sadness, relief, uncertainty, hope, and embarrassment.  It may be hard to piece together how one feels when such an earth-shaking change has occurred.  People going through a divorce typically have a journey to make in redefining themselves in some capacity.  This may be a process of discovering what one’s interests, goals, and values are outside of the context of their long-term partnership.  This also involves a process of redefining someone’s career or family goals based on changing circumstances.  A person may also find themselves experiencing depression or anxiety as a result of their divorce.  Regardless of what one’s specific situation is, a therapist can be a helpful resource in navigating the new challenges faced by someone going through a divorce.  

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