Binge Eating Disorder

Binge Eating Disorder is a disorder characterized by intense, discrete periods of food consumption.  During a short time span, such as within an hour or two, a person with Binge Eating Disorder will consume a large amount of food and feel out of control of their actions.  They may even continue to eat after the feel uncomfortably full or feel disgusted with themselves.  Binge Eating Disorder is different from Bulimia in that there is not compensatory actions taken like there are in Bulimia, such as self-induced vomiting.  Binge Eating Disorder occurs more often than any other eating disorder in the United States.  Binge Eating Disorder often occurs as part of a vicious cycle, where the person binges as a means of coping, but the eating leads to further feelings of dissatisfaction, anxiety, and embarrassment, which in turn triggers coping by eating.  It is very common for people with Binge Eating Disorder to also experience a coexisting disorder of anxiety or depression.  Binge Eating Disorder does respond well to treatment.  Since health and eating factors are involved, sometimes it is important to enlist a physician and/or dietician as part of one’s treatment in addition to a therapist.

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