Adolescent Behavioral Issues

Adolescent Behavioral Issues

Adolescence is a stormy time.  Teenagers are faced with changing bodies and hormones, evolving social, familial, and romantic relationships, increased academic and sometimes financial pressures, and often an increased, though still limited, exposure the world and all of it’s dangers and shortcomings.  Given these challenges, it is normal and even expected that adolescents will struggle in dealing with one or more of these fronts.  However, some parents find that the experiences of their teens cross a line from normative, typical struggles to something that is significantly detrimental to the teenager or to those around them.  Some common signs that a teen may be struggling beyond what is normative include:

  • Repeated alcohol and drug use
  • Physical altercations
  • Truancy from school
  • Behaviors that result in engagement with law enforcement
  • Risky sexual behaviors
  • Leaving home overnight
  • Repeated suicidal threats
  • Inability to maintain any friendships
  • Significant decreases in school performance
  • Frequent yelling/verbal abuse toward family members

These signs are not to be confused with typical development.  Many teenagers who are on a healthy path will likely show one or more of these signs to a lesser degree.  The teenage years are a time for trial and error, and it may take several harsh break-ups or falling-outs with friends before a teenager gains the skills needed to exit relationships in a healthy way.  Teens may find themselves questioning their family’s religious beliefs, listening to explicit music, or pushing their boundaries with others in an attempt to discover themselves and interpret their place in their community. If you believe your teen is struggling, our clinicians would be happy to consult with you and your teen to determine if therapy is a good fit and what could be expected from treatment.



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