Solution Focused Therapy

At a roadblock in your life? Do you have a problem that you cannot seem to solve on your own? If so, then Solution Focused Therapy may be a great fit for you. Solution Focused Therapy is a short-term therapy designed to quickly help you find the best possible outcome to your concern(s). Compared to many other types of therapy which look deeply at your past experiences and depths of your character, Solution Focused Therapy maintains a focus on the present and the future. A Solution Focused therapist focuses on areas of strengths and hidden resources, helping a patient uncover their own abilities to solve the problems in their lives.

During the process of Solution Focused Therapy, your therapist will help you define the problem and the outcome that you are looking for. Rather than being confrontational or directive, your therapist will use questions to help you imagine a life without the problem, then identity what behaviors need to be changed to reach that goal. Through this process, your therapist will help you tap into your own resources and overcome any self-imposed roadblocks that you may have put up but cannot see on your own. And once the problem has been solved, your therapist will work with you to develop a plan of how to maintain the progress you made and avoid encountering the problem in the future.

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