Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy

therapist meeting with client

Dynamic Psychotherapy refers to a collection of therapeutic viewpoints that have evolved from early models of psychoanalysis. Modern dynamic therapies place an emphasis on early relationships (e.g., relationships with caregivers), the presence of unconscious drives, and the relationship between the therapist and the patient. Traditionally, these therapies were intensive, spanning, having people come in for sessions most days of the week for years at a time. As time progressed, the therapy process became less intensive, and now therapy can take place once weekly for a shorter duration of time, bringing the creation of Short-Term Dynamic Therapy. While different models of Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy can look quite different from one another, a patient in this type of therapy can expect that there will be a fair amount of time spent exploring one’s relationship with their parents. This often serves as a basis for how to understand how a person views and interacts with the world in their adult life. Therapy will involve a process of shedding light on the unconscious, allowing for the development of insight into why someone takes the actions that they do.

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