Cognitive Processing Therapy

Cognitive Processing Therapy was designed specifically for the treatment of PTSD and other trauma-related conditions.  After experiencing a trauma, it is common to develop unhelpful beliefs that may interfere with daily functioning and relationships.  With your therapist, you will work to identify these beliefs and develop strategies to consider alternative, more adaptive viewpoints.  You will learn how, after a trauma, we adjust our views of the world and ourselves in order to help make sense of what happened.  However, these new views can sometimes be so extreme that they cut off our ability to engage with the world and ourselves in a way that is fair and allows us to thrive.

During the course of Cognitive Processing Therapy, you will look at your beliefs regarding several topics.  These topics include trust, safety, power and control, intimacy, and esteem.  For example, someone may come to believe after a trauma that “No men can be trusted” or “I am broken.”  Your therapist can help you evaluate these beliefs and instill more healthy, helpful beliefs, possibly along the lines of “many men can be trusted” or “I can change and grow.”  In therapy, you will also discuss how certain types of emotions, like guilt or shame, can hinder your ability to become unstuck and grow.  Cognitive Processing Therapy may be a good fit for you, and a discussion about treatment options with a therapist at Corner Canyon Counseling can help determine if this is the best direction to take in your healing process.

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