Attachment Based Therapy

Attachment-Based Therapy

Attachment-Based Therapy stems from influential research on the attachment or relationship patterns that babies develop with their caregivers.  It is believed that as infants and children we can develop secure attachments with our caregivers, a type of attachment where we learn to trust in others that they will be there and that we will feel comforted by them when we reach out during hard times.  However, many people develop insecure attachments, where they worry about being abandoned and cannot experience satisfying comfort from others.  These attachment patterns, formed in infancy and childhood, can persist into adulthood, inhibiting our ability to form stable, safe relationships with others, especially our partners.  Attachment-Based Therapy is made for those of us who have not had the opportunity to form a close, trusting, and secure bond with a parental figure.  

Building Attachments

Attachment-Based Therapy does not follow a specific session-by-session protocol.  Rather, it focuses on several aspects of healing in a way that is tailored to the patient.  More importantly than anything else, Attachment-Based Therapy includes an opportunity to forge a close, trusting, and supportive relationship with a therapist.  This relationship will be one in which a patient can learn to have faith in others, to have a second chance at building the secure attachment style that they did not have the opportunity to experience in childhood due to unreliable parenting.  In the context of this safe and secure relationship, a patient can then examine how their current relationships and experiences are influenced by their early experiences.  With this insight and with a strong therapeutic relationship, a patient can begin to find new ways of being in the world and feel more stability within themselves and within their relationships.  

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