Anorexia is a condition involving the intentional restriction of food intake.  Anorexia is a very serious illness and has one of the highest rates of death of any mental health disorder.  Depending on the level of severity of anorexia, a person will be best served by different levels of care.  Sometimes, a residential program or an intensive outpatient program is needed to help someone in severe need.  Ongoing consultation with a dietician and a physician are often essential when someone is of a dangerously low weight.  

However, in cases of lower severity, such as when someone’s current body weight is not  posing an immediate threat to health, outpatient therapy can be a great fit.  This is often helpful for those who have completed a more intensive program and wish to transition back either the regular routine of their lives.  Treatment usually involves treating multiple struggles that a person with anorexia is experiencing.  Common topics that are addressed in treatment include self-esteem, body image, coping strategies, perfectionistic tendencies, family discord, depression, anxiety, and other concerns that typically accompany anorexia.

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