Hilary Jensen, CMHC

Hilary Jensen, CMHC


Your goals, your dreams, and the life you want are worth striving for. While we don’t always feel in control of the journey that life sends us, we can be in control of ourselves and our reactions along the way. A journey is exactly what therapy is, an opportunity to use introspection and courage to obtain a more hopeful and abundant life. I believe everyone has the capacity to change, grow, and adapt. Seeking help is a sign of strength, courage, and openness that I applaud. What an incredible opportunity you are giving yourself!  I know that a peaceful, joyful, gratifying, and authentic existence is possible when we open ourselves to new experiences that help us grow through what we go through. After all, the only way out, is through.


The power of connection cannot be understated. I consider the opportunity to join with someone on their journey an incredibly humbling experience, one on which I am honored to embark with them. Working together, and starting wherever my patients are, we explore their world, their beliefs, their goals, and their hopes. I believe in the inherent worth and value of each person I meet and work with, and I feel immense gratitude in being allowed into their world. As a therapist, I believe my role is that of a consultant, partner, teammate, and unconditional supporter. I believe the patient to be the expert of their own lives. As such, it is my constant goal to maintain an openness, mutual respect, and understanding for every individual I meet, for their unique experiences and backgrounds. Respecting the patient as the expert in their own lives allows for an environment of self-determination, and personalized care, interventions, and challenges can be implemented to match each individual.


Foundational to the therapeutic relationship is safety and feeling secure in the connection between therapist and patient. Open and honest communication is vital to the therapeutic process and strengthens the therapist-patient relationship, which is essential in reaching a successful outcome. I believe it is my responsibility to help create and nurture a safe, open, non-judgmental and understanding environment where compassionate care, honest exchange, and the instillation of hope can facilitate change and growth directed by the patient. It may feel difficult at times to hold hope for ourselves that life can be better or different for us. However, I can and will hold hope for my patients while they find their own because I know that a hope filled life is available for everyone. I have seen and worked with so many incredible and amazingly resilient patients who have experienced positive growth and change. I know the therapeutic process works and has immense abilities to help anyone willing to give themselves the opportunity to try.

Education and Licensure

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, State of Utah, Since 2016
M.S., Westminster College, 2016
B.S. Behavioral Science, Utah Valley University, 2012

Clinical Experience

Working in a medical hospital setting since entering adulthood gave me a unique insight and perspective on the human condition and our capacity for growth. I found that my favorite part of working was taking time to sit down with my patients and hear what they were experiencing, not as their healthcare provider in that moment, but as someone who desired to relieve some of their mental pain and unburden their load, if only for a moment. More often than not, it was the emotional toll that hospitalization took that was most pressing to my patients. These early experiences in the medical setting drove my career towards mental health care and ultimately becoming a therapist. I have had the opportunity to work in several diverse settings along my professional and personal journey. While in my undergraduate studies, I volunteered as a parent-teen mediator in low-income schools in order to assist in improving communication as well as create goal-directed plans to improve attendance and raise grades. During my graduate coursework, I had the opportunity to counsel individuals struggling with substance abuse disorders, as well as teach Prime for Life courses in order to address substance related legal issues. My internship in my final year was at a residential boarding school for teenage girls who were struggling with a range of issues including trauma, behavioral problems, ADHD, eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and suicidality. Upon graduation, I chose to work at a psychiatric hospital where I was exposed to numerous diagnoses, as well as many treatment interventions, approaches, and different levels of care ranging from intensive outpatient services to inpatient hospitalization. It was at this hospital I gained further experience in working with trauma, crisis situations, military personnel, chronic psychiatric illness, behavioral addictions, severe depression and anxiety, chronic suicidality, complex grief, personality disorders, and relationship and life transition issues. It has been through this work that I have gained considerable experience in working with diverse populations and various presenting problems, and it is my goal to use my training and experience to help my current and future patients.

Professional Affiliations

American Counseling Association

Area of Specialty

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Patient-Centered Therapy
Interpersonal Process Therapy
Existential Therapy
Exposure and Response Therapy
Cognitive Processing Therapy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
Problem Solving
Systems Therapy
Mindfulness Training

Eating Disorders
Substance Abuse and Addiction
Behavioral Addiction (i.e. gambling, pornography, etc.)
Post-Partum Anxiety and Depression
Women's Issues
Personality Disorders
Bipolar Disorder
Faith/Religious Transitions
LGBTQ+ Issues
Infertility Issues
Life Transition and Adjustment Difficulties
Anger Issues
Behavioral Issues
Body Image and Body Dysmorphic Disorder
Emotion Regulation
Chronic Illness/Medical Illness
Identity Issues
Social Anxiety
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Panic Disorder and Panic Attacks
Stress and Burnout
Suicidal Ideation

Ages served