5 Tips to Live More Peacefully in 2018

2018 is your year. This is the year that you will overcome the things that are stressing you out and holding you back. This is the year that you will find peace within yourself, and learn how to accept the things you can’t change and to enjoy the moments as they come to you. There are so many things that we can’t change in our lives, and that is so frustrating. Everyone is in a different situation and there are so many things going on underneath the surface of every single person you interact with. With so many things out of our control, it’s hard to accept these things and feel peace. It takes work and intention, but this year, we want to help you feel peaceful.

Seek to love rather than control


It is really hard to let go of the unknown and the fact that you can’t predict the outcomes in your life. It’s natural to want to seek control. When it comes to the people you surround yourself with, you need to focus on loving them rather than trying to control the outcome when you’re around them. Whether you intend to or not, it’s easy to try to control your relationships, but this only creates conflict. Focus on loving, instead.


Be tolerant


Appreciate those around you. Appreciate diversity. And appreciate the society around you. To be tolerant is to truly embody the saying, live and let live. You don’t have control of the people or the world around you, all you can control is yourself. So seek to be more tolerant of the things you cannot change.


Reflect on your thoughts


When something negative happens, something that you can’t control, reflect before you respond. And then respond with peace.


Live with joy


This is a tough thing to embody, sometimes. It can be so hard to view the world around you with joy. Joy will bring peace into your world, because by feeling joy you’re welcoming good energy and you’re ready to see the good in others.


Seek forgiveness


When someone wrongs you, it is easy to react in anger. This is a normal human emotion. This is another instance where you should let yourself stop and reflect for a moment, and then act in peace rather than in revenge. Forgiveness allows you to live in the present, rather than the past. Living in the past is never beneficial, and it prevents you from moving forward with peace.


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