Be still (and not be anxious); wear the hush of tranquility.

Be quiet (and not rehearse the words); open my inner ears.

Be content (and not withdraw permission to be so); manifest serenity.

Hunger (and not evade the pangs); recognize the sign of need.

Eat (and not shun this essential act); receive nourishment, giving thanks.

Sleep (and not lament dreaming); invite rejuvenation.

Stretch (and not measure the present against the past); relish the movement.

Exercise (and not scorn languidness); embrace strength.

Sing (and not silence other songs); harmonize with other voices.

Dance (and not examine the mirror); revel in the development.

Watch (and not look away); witness the unfolding.

Ask (and not subdue questions); listen to what is said.

Listen (and not interrupt); hear the truth in the cadence.

Speak (and not apologize); contemplate the weight of words.

Discuss (and not diminish); consider perspectives.

Meditate (and not fix the thoughts); notice the meandering path.

Question (and not antagonize); remain open to change.

Learn (and not deride the gaps); be sparked by curiosity.

Endure (and not waver); have faith.

Succeed (and neither gloat nor renounce); build on the work.

Fail (and not falter); cultivate strength and wisdom.

Give thanks (and not feel insufficient); offer gratitude for opportunities.

Do (and not be paralyzed by choices); act mindfully.

Feel (and not disavow its validity); offer empathy.

Create (and not prioritize the product); honor the process.

Change (and not forsake the path); become myself.

Be (and not fret over the past or the future); live presently.

Love (and not fear); love


I will not abandon myself

I will create space within so I can set boundaries without

I will remain present


Jennifer McNamara


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