The Compassionate Healer

The acceptance of our full humanity allows us to accept another’s full humanity.
Our appropriate guilt, shame, and remorse allows us to connect to the guilt, shame, and remorse of our patients.
Our own survival allows us to walk into the journey of survival with another.
Our partially or wholly-healed woundedness allows us to connect to the woundedness in another with the strength to bring hope for their healing.
When a patient walks into our presence, they walk into the strength that we have developed through our own challenges and our own survival.
They sit with the wisdom that is a result of our healed wounds.
They learn self-compassion as they sit with our compassion.
They walk into the grace and kindness we hold for them because we carry that same grace and kindness for our self.
They partake of our words and the skills we teach but, more importantly, they partake of our “being”.
This is where the deepest healing occurs.
These things don’t need to be expressed, they simply become a part of your patient’s healing as they sit with and join with the person you have become.

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