Tips to Boost Mental Health

Mental health issues are very common and can make life difficult to handle. Fortunately, there are many ways to combat mental health issues and start feeling better. Here are seven tips you can try the next time you’re struggling with anxiety, depression or another mental health concern:

Track gratitude and achievement with a journal

Write down three things you were grateful for or three things you accomplished every single day. This will make you think about the positive, small things in everyday life and distract you from negative feelings.

Drink coffee

Coffee consumption has been linked to lower rates of depression. If the caffeine in coffee bothers you, try a drink like green tea, Yerbe Mate, licorice tea, wheatgrass juice, Teeccino herbal coffee or rooibos tea.

Plan a vacation

Whether it’s camping with friends or a trip to the tropics, planning a vacation gives you something to look forward to for weeks or even months. Getting out of town is also a great way to gain mental clarity and take a break.

Build relationships

Having good relationships with other people is the most important factor when it comes to your well-being. This includes family, friends, co-workers, roommates and people in your community. Investing time and energy in relationships is beneficial for everyone involved.

Identify your strengths

Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses. Finding out what you’re really good at and using those talents can increase your well-being. Use those strengths to help others or contribute to the community.

Spirituality or religion

For many people, involvement in spiritual or religious practices can improve well-being, help in coping with stress and reduce symptoms of mental illness. This can include belonging to a faith community, meditation, mindfulness, prayer or practices like yoga or Tai Chi.

Seek professional help

If you’re struggling to feel happy, cope with everyday life, find meaning in living or feel connected to others, you should see a mental health professional. Therapists and other professionals can help you deal with your mental illness and find the light in your life.

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