man with dementia and his wife

Whether oneself or a loved one is experiencing dementia, it can be one of the greatest challenges that a person faces in their life. The experience of dementia or delirium can be terrifying for some. It may feel that a person is losing a fundamental part of themselves when they can no longer remember important people or events in their life. It can also be quite scary to have an experience that feels real to you, but friends and family members keep insisting that it did not happen. People with developing dementia often seek therapy to help learn to cope with approaching challenges and create as much peace and acceptance as possible. Those caregiving for a family member with dementia or delirium can face overwhelming stressors. Burnout is common when overseeing the care of a loved one who cannot attend to their own needs. Therapy can provide a much need sense of relief for caregivers who are taking care of someone else while simultaneously coming to terms and coping with the deterioration that they see in a parent, for example.

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